Sauce It Up


Three day sour dough crust, locally sourced cheeses and veggies.

Here at Sauce It Up Pizza, we source the best ingredients available, locally grown and harvested when in season.

For Example:

  • Imported Uncured sliced thick pepperoni.
  • Custom cheese blend suited to an 800 degree wood fired heating process.
  • Wood fired Four Gran Mere oven for a fast cooking time.


  • Creamy white Alfredo made fresh daily and for dipping as well.
  • Pesto Sauce made fresh with pine nuts and genovese organic basil, pink salt and an organic garlic infused olive oil first cold pressed, non gmo mission olive hybrid with a fruity spicy flavor.

Red Sauce:

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Sir)
  • Fresh peels on tomatoes sourced abroad with a sweet and acidic balance naturally derived with no additives except naturally occurring citric acid.
  • The red sauce is never pre cooked as to mantain its sweet acidic balance until it hits the oven.

It all starts with the DOUGH

We utilize a high hydration 3-5 day cold ferment recipe made in advance with artisinal flour that is non bromated, unbleached , and lightly malted. No dough conditioners are added except for our sourdough starter which has been nourished for many generations in our family dating back to colonial times. We keep no secrets in our kitchen and share our knowledge freely. The ingredients speak for themselves but the art of pizza making requires foresight and patience. A less experienced chef or a rushed dough even with the exact same ingredients can lead to a poorly prepared end product, unworthy of our Sauce It Up quality. The crumb, the chew, and the crust are integral components of a well prepared pizza dough, a dough that is similar to an enhanced neopolitan dough. It is worthy of mention that our pizza crust is more easily digested than many unhealthier versions available at frozen food aisles and most large chain stores. Come experience the difference and enjoy a 12″ made to order artisinal pizza (pie) expertly cooked in our wood fired oven where quality and freshness is never sacrificed.

About the Chef:

David our head Chef has been cooking since he was a teenager and has had a love affair with the perfect pizza since childhood. After investigating Texas BBQ with mesquite wood and Post oak with great results and 3 smokers later, he then spent 4 years perfecting the art of sourdough baking, but all pales before his desire in the search for the perfect pizza. This passion combined with being unable to find a worthy pizza close to home in Texas has all culminated into Sauce It Up wood fired pizza. In every passionate, the pursuit counts MORE than the object being pursued.